Best 3 CRM Softwares Available in Market

CRM enables a business to create a better relationship with its customers. It’s not only beneficial for salespersons but also for customers. A number of tools have been developed for the implementation of CRM, but we have shortlisted some finest softwares on the market.


Salesforce has introduced around 20 years ago. Now it has become a sensation because it has all of the primary and extended features of CRM to manage a small-scale and large-scale business. There are a number of marketing apps, service apps, and customer services apps which are using Salesforce as their CRM.


Hubspot has been a blessing for small business owners, and for independent contractors. It was introduced in 2006. It makes easier and more efficient to utilize CRM, even it’s free version contains a great number of features which can satisfy all the requirements of a smaller business without spending a single penny.


ZOHO was launched in 2005 as a SaaS (Software as a Service). It offers all the CRM tools at very affordable prices. Due to its controlled prices, it has been considered one of the best of the modern era. Its tools include customer management, accounting, and custom application creation.

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