Best Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas: How To Turn Your Design Ideas To Reality

Your kitchen wall is your perfect canvass to turn those kitchen wall decor ideas to reality. Some of those ideas can just pop out of your creativity or you can look up for some on magazines and

Make that tired kitchen wall look inspired with these trendy kitchen wall decor ideas:

Perfect Color Palette

If you want an inexpensive kitchen wall decor ideas that are quick and easy to do too, go for paint. Update your kitchen with a few buckets of paint, but remember a perfect color scheme is not achieved by accident. In order to achieve an ideal color palette, you have to consider three colors in the kitchen.

You have an existing color that you just cannot change. Let’s say the color of your cabinets or the color of your countertop. This is the first color.

The second one is meant for your kitchen  backdrop and that should complement color #1.

The third one is the color that makes your kitchen stand out. It’s the one that makes it unique.

In order to find the perfect color combination, check out paint swatches and choose the shades that tickle your interest. Shuffle some around until you feel you have the correct combo. Keep a sample of these colors handy so you can use them when you shop for accessories.

Creating A Focal Point

If there’s one kitchen wall decor idea you need to hit spot on, it is creating the perfect focal point in your kitchen. Walk into your kitchen as if you are someone who’s walking into it for the first time. What do you notice first? What grabs your attention? If it’s something nice, then make that spot and the wall next to it your kitchen’s focal point.

The focal point should be something that jumps out of the rest of the layout of the kitchen. It should be something unique and should be something bold.

In order to create a focal point, try to paint a wall with a catchy shade based on your kitchen’s color palette.

You can also achieve this by having a large artwork on your wall.

Another way to do it is by using a wallpaper with an interesting pattern or texture.

Do not worry too much about the rules of kitchen wall decor ideas when creating a focal point. It’s one wall that’s meant to catch attention.

Open Shelving

If you want to put up kitchen wall decors that will be very functional, go for open shelving. You can use open shelving to add a touch of layering to your kitchen walls.

Open shelving helps to achieve a very light, open look to your kitchen. Just remember to keep them clutter-free and make sure those plastic containers and mismatched glasses are tucked away in one cabinet somewhere in the kitchen.

Another great thing about these floating shelves is that they are very easy to install and they come in different styles.

If you have existing cabinets, you can also remove the doors of these cabinets and add a dash of color to the wall behind it. has a treasure trove of living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen wall decor ideas to help you spice up your home.

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