JJ Da Boss Net Worth 2022


Jonathan Day, also known as JJ Day Boss. Everyone who is interested in supercars or street racing must have heard of the champion street racer. If you don’t know who he is, you won’t be disappointed.

Jonathan is a great racer and his car is too.

You want to learn more about his car, life and net worth? This article will provide all the details.

About JJ Da Boss

The street star was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1973. His birthday is on the 10th of August. Like his passion for racing, his interest in gambling began at an early age. This brilliant personality started racing street cars at the tender age of 10. He has a strong love for muscle cars, also known as high performance cars.

He graduated from Rivercrest High School.

Early Life and Family

It is unknown what information he has about his parents. He never spoke about them in interviews. Some sources have confirmed that his parents were both workers, and that they were primarily involved in construction work.

The public is only privy to a few details of his marriage. His wife’s name was Patricia Tricia Day. Although we don’t know when they were married, Jonathan Day said in an interview that he and his wife have been together for over ten years.

His Career and Major Milestones

He is well-known for his speed on the track. Street Outlaws, a reality TV series that was discovered by his talent, helped him reach people. Within a few months, hundreds of his fans are ready to worship him. He is an amazing racer.

Here are a few things you didn’t know about JJ Da Boss

Many great street racers made sure the race was held only when the driver was not on tracks or not taking part in a particular race during his early years.

One amazing fact about his life is that he is father to eleven children.

Patricia had only 4 children, but she decided to keep them all and take care of them. We don’t know any other details about his many children.

His wife, a street-racer, is also known as the “Midget”, because she is small but quick on the tracks.

His career was a little slowened after he spent 8 years in prison. He was released in the end and he is now back on his feet.

Net Worth

Jonathan Day, also known as JJ Da Bosss, has a net worth of approximately 2 million dollars. Street racing and appearing on TV are his main sources of income. He also makes a living repairing and modifying cars.