Smart Traveler Enrollment: A Free Tool for Safer Travel Abroad

Smart Traveler Enrollment: A Free Tool for Safer Travel Abroad

Everyone wants to be safer and smarter traveler. The U.S. State Department makes smart, safe travel easy through its Smart Traveler Entry Program, or STEP.

The STEP Travel Program allows you to stay informed about security and safety in your travel destinations.

1) It uses the power and reach that the State Department’s network embassies, consulates and consulates around world to its advantage;

2) It’s free.

How to enroll for the Smart Traveler Enrollment program

By submitting your name and email along with the countries you wish to visit, you can subscribe online to the STEP Travel Program. Register for email updates and alerts about your itinerary if you are already traveling.

You can also get the Smart Traveler app for free from iTunes and Google Play. Sign up to receive alerts.

STEP operates on a per-trip basis. This is the one thing that you should remember. For each international trip, you must sign up.

There are many reasons to enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment program

STEP can help you find information about your destinations prior to departure. While you are unlikely to cancel your trip if the State Department sends a security bulletin to you, it’s still a good idea.

STEP can send safety updates to you. While you may not be paying attention to headlines while traveling, it is likely that you aren’t. You might not be aware if your country is headed into violence, political unrest, or natural catastrophes. STEP informs you about these issues. The State Department provides the latest travel information.

STEP can aid in evacuation. STEP is invaluable in times of crisis. STEP will notify of any imminent natural disasters in your region and send you information regarding evacuation procedures if one occurs. STEP registration makes it easier for State Department to locate you and get you the help that you need, including evacuation. You can also use STEP to make it easier to reach the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate if you require assistance.

STEP makes it easier for you to reach out to you in the event of a family emergency back home. There are two groups of people you need to be concerned about when traveling: Your travel companions and those back home. STEP can assist you in resolving any disasters back home, either natural or man-made.

STEP makes it much easier to contact your local consulates or embassies. STEP can help you find your way to your hotel if you are lost in the city.

When you’re on the road, the STEP Travel program can be seen in action. Let’s say you are in Paris and there is a demonstration scheduled that will shut down large portions of the city. STEP alerts to you so you can make adjustments for the day.

You might be traveling in Antarctica, and receive a message stating that a relative is seriously ill. STEP can provide information and help to get in touch with the nearest consulate and embassy to arrange transportation home.

STEP works well with travel insurance. This is what makes it one of the best products. This is an example. The insurance company may cover trip cancellations due to illness. STEP can assist you in finding the nearest Embassy to begin the return-home process.