Facebook Live Hacks You’ll Want to Know About

Create a Facebook Video Profile Pic. Do you know how the images move? Imagine shooting at a Facebook profile pic of you WAVING to readers. Mind cool!

Make an introduction for new members of your Facebook Group. Give group members a warm welcome. Share what they can expect, and rules to play by.

Give hints to Facebook Live. Kick teasers for your posts by recording a video tip sharing what it is about and why readers will care.

Share a Facebook Live video you’re currently attending. Prove yourself as a go-getter by discussing the events you travel and the VIP people you meet. You can also download facebook videos.

Document a Facebook Live video when you provide or attend networking events. This is a wonderful way to say”thanks” to new people you meet by providing them public kudos and vulnerability to your list. Since it is a recommendation, this ends up in referrals from them. Plus, it provides you visibility to social media list once you tag them. Total win/win.

Take at a Facebook Live testimonial and love and share on networking. Post the video on the timeline’s of coaches, or record a testimonial that is live pages you prefer. It is great exposure for your company and you and shows you as a person that is generous.

Prove Facebook Live behind the scenes perspectives. It might be you setting up space. Are you making a move? Maybe you’re packaging a review copy of your book you’re mailing to the media up. Are you in the Today Show’s waiting room?

Answer your audience questions. There are questions about how to do things on your 17; you’re asked all of the time. Share the responses in a Facebook Live post.

Flash of you holding supplying, product, or your publication, a shot. They will want to take a look when your fans see your enthusiasm and excitement!

Rant! We would like to hear your take on your view and the news!

It is pumped up to use Facebook Live into your enterprise. Have fun! It’s a way to begin with marketing.

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