How experts determine what to focus on

Experts in peak performance say that you should be focused. Eliminate distractions. You can only be great at one thing if you commit to it.

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This is great advice. This is good advice. I have studied successful people from all walks, including athletes, entrepreneurs, scientists, and artists. I’ve come to believe that focus is the key factor in success.

This advice has a flaw.

How do you choose from the many choices available to you? How can you decide where to focus your attention and energy? How can you decide what you should do?

While I don’t pretend to know all the answers, I will share what I have learned so far

    • “Until Something Comes Easily …””
    • My first year as an entrepreneur was difficult.

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My first product was launched without knowing who it would be sold to. It was not a success. I tried to reach out to people important, but I mismanaged expectations and made silly mistakes. This essentially ended my chance to have good relationships with people I respect. I tried to learn how to code. I made one small change to my website and erased everything I had done in the past three months.

Simply put, I didn’t know what I did.

One of the best pieces of advice I received during my Year of Many Errors was “Try everything until something comes easy.” Over the next 18 months, I tried out four to five different business ideas. Each one would be given a chance for two to three months. I would then mix in some freelance work to make it possible to continue making ends meet and paying the bills. Then I’d go back to the beginning.

I eventually found “something that came naturally” and was able focus on building one company rather than trying to find the right idea. This is how I simplified.

This was my first lesson in focusing on the right things. You may need to cast a wide net if you want to understand and master the fundamentals of a task. You can gain a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses by trying different things. It’s easier to concentrate on what is working than it is to struggle with a bad idea.

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If you are open to trying new things and experimenting, then the next question is “How can I tell what’s coming easy to me?”

    • My best advice is to pay attention. This usually means measuring something.
    • Track your marketing and promotion efforts if you are an entrepreneur.
    • Track your workouts if you want to build muscle.
    • Track your practice sessions if you are learning an instrument.

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You have to make a decision and choose what you will focus on, even if you measure everything.

This moment of decision, in my opinion, is the core tension of entrepreneurship. Do we keep trying new things, or do we focus on one strategy? Do we innovate or are we committed to doing one thing right?

Everybody wants to be able to focus and simplify their lives. But, nobody can do it. This is what makes it so difficult to achieve success. Entrepreneurship is not like baking a cake. There is no recipe. There is no recipe.

Your best option at this point is to make a decision. It’s impossible to try everything. You will eventually need less information and you can just make a decision.

Simple to do

After trying many things, figuring out which ones to focus on, and doing enough repetitions, you will be able to simplify your life. Because you know what is important and what isn’t, you can reduce the fat.

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Blaise Pascal, a Frenchman, famously wrote in his Provincial Letters: “If I had more to write you a shorter note.” The hardest and most difficult journey is often to master the basics.