Tips for a good wife

Do not criticize him in public, whether he is present or absent, or in front of others. If you do criticize him privately, please be constructive and loving. Do not make angry gestures or engage in mind games.

Negative criticism can lead to ill-feeling. If you aren’t happy with something or want him to stop doing it, tell him clearly, gently, and in a loving way. To soften the blow, use an “I feel” tag.

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Complements aren’t a problem

Encourage, support and compliment him often. Express your concerns and opinions in a more expressive manner than criticizing.

This may seem like the hardest part of the process, but it can also be the best way to get out of trouble. If you are involved in a fight, or conflict, please keep your mouth shut. If your temper is under control, you can speak up and expect him to respect and understand your feelings.

Don’t Be Petty

Avoid arguing and fault-finding, especially when fighting. Once said, it cannot be undone. A single angry word can cause irreparable damage to your relationship.

Discuss your beliefs together if religion is an issue. It’s important to agree that it is not a final showdown or a final decision. Because time moves on, the “issue” may disappear by itself. Keep in mind that people and the environment change over time.

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Battered Wives

You must be able to distinguish between a good relationship and a bad one. A relationship that is abusive can only be a bad one. Do not allow him to degrade you or hit your for any reason.

Respect is the cornerstone of any relationship. If he threatens or strikes you, it’s a sign that he doesn’t respect you. Get out of a relationship with him if he hits you. Studies show that he will hit you again.

Talk about marriage

Talk things out. If necessary, you can even see a counselor. You may feel he is trying to fill a deep emotional void by getting back at him. You can fix bad marriages with selfless and true love. But first, you need to understand if he can appreciate this.

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Marriage is a two-way road. You must learn to be a great wife and a good husband to have a happy marriage. Don’t expect him to be silent and suffer.

If you’re a working woman, don’t do the bare minimum. As you invest time in your family and career, so do your marriage. The unflinching love, partnership and investment you receive in return is well worth it.

Physical intimacy

For most men, physical intimacy is the foundation of a marriage. Most men consider sexual intimacy a key part of their marriage. It also defines his relationship with his partner. Sex is a way for men to express their deepest emotional and physical desires and feelings.

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Your sexual approach to your husband is key to his happiness as a wife. While most men prefer to have sex daily or weekly, some men will only want it once a week. Some men like to sex 2-3 times per week. This is entirely up to individual preferences.

You can make love more exciting by adding variety and sensual foreplay to your relationship. Talk openly with your husband about your sexuality. Don’t be afraid to talk about your sexuality with your husband.

Men who aren’t able to receive intimate acceptance from their partners often feel anger and rejection. Their eyes will start to wander. If a man is satisfied at home with his sexual desires, he may wander, but he’s more likely to stay.