How to make him jealous and want you more

You have many options to liven up your relationship. But jealousy is one you should be cautious about.

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If monotony is starting to speak for itself, and you want to make your lover jealous, you can learn how to subtly make them jealous so that they realize that you are still crazy about you!

Simple ways to make him jealous

We don’t suggest that you make him jealous. But we only say that it will give him the impulse to remind you that you are a desirable women, and he must fight for that.

Perhaps it’s because you are so in love with him that you have always been there for him. He gave up trying to keep hold of you. This is your chance to make a change and rekindle the flame that has cooled over time.

Change your look

What was the last time your hair was cut or you went out with only the girls looking like a diva. You don’t have the right to look good just because you are in a relationship.

You can buy a variety of clothes that are completely different from the ones you have worn before. Use bolder makeup and keep fit with a healthy lifestyle.

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You will notice that your boyfriend will be envious of you if you arrange yourself each day as if you were going on a photo shoot. He will also suddenly realize that anyone could “steal” you, regardless of how sexy or attractive you may be.

It is worth paying less attention

Have you tried to get him to accept that you are there for him 24/7? It is possible that he has become spoiled and wants everything in an instant. You need to get him to appreciate your company and covet a bit more. S

You can show her that she’s not the center of your universe by going out with your male friends. Don’t be afraid to interact with other men via social media. And don’t refuse innocent flirtations. You should just enjoy being young and beautiful.

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Praise a friend

There is a friend who knows more than your boyfriend. You can make your boyfriend jealous by praising your friend in front.

Your lover will automatically compare himself to you and small sparks will fly in his eyes.

What man doesn’t want to find out that his chosen one is spending time with a rival who may be even better than him in some respects?

Do not answer the telephone immediately

Sometimes, we are too busy to give our sanity a chance. You can make your partner jealous by not answering texts and calls immediately. This strategy should not be used in excess, but it should be used occasionally.

Be the lifeblood of the party

If you are going to a party, or meeting more people, try your best to not only look good but also to engage in conversation with as many people as possible.

It draws the attention of others around you, particularly men. You can exchange numbers and stay in touch with them.

Your boyfriend will be jealous when he sees the amount of interest you generate. He will also realize that you could have any man but you chose your boyfriend.

If you are wondering how to make your boyfriend jealous and spice up your relationship, here’s a simple rule to remember: Men want what they can’t.

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You should be sure to move in the right direction but not lose your grip on your cards.

You can prove to her that she is independent and confident, and she will eat right from your hand!