Metal stitching procedure

Ever heard of metal stitching? It is a simple process that can help you fix all the broken and cracked pieces of cast metal together. It is a simple technique that requires no lengthy procedures and no heating to fix the metal together or to fix the cracks. It is simple just like the normal stitching except in involves a different metal like nickel locks to stitch the pieces together. The bond is as durable as any other technique, but the best advantage of this procedure is that it is cost efficient and can be mastered easily. Metal stitching procedure is not much complicated or require a number of heavy equipment.

Metal stitching procedure

Metal stitching- an old technique

The repairing of the cast iron means a problem for most of the people. In contrast to the steel or wrought iron, this alloy of iron cannot be welded with ease since it is comparatively brittle and can be damaged while you heat in welding. One substitute for the repair of is ‘cold metal stitching’. It is an old process that is known for over a century and people are quite familiar with the benefit of this technique over others.

Well, those who are not familiar with this process, they can get a look below for the simple Metal stitching procedure that will help them understand this cost effective technique and will also highlight that it is as durable as welding.

Benefits of metal stitching

Here are some benefits highlighted for you to see and choose this technique.

  • It can a permanent repair of cracks and fractures in metal
  • In-situ repair
  • Low restoration time.
  • The Repair is Gas and liquid proof
  • A cold process requires no proper space
  • Cost effective

Metal stitching procedure

The first step of this procedure is to drill small holes perpendicular or at 90 degrees to the crack.

Once done, the holes are joined together with a chisel to make a perfect slot. One the slot is prepared the locks that are generally made of another metal that is elastic and durable is used. Mostly, most of the metal stitching service providers use nickel locks for this purpose as it is stronger and elastic at the same time.

With the help of some skill and equipment, the locks are then used to stitch the metal pieces together. It is a durable procedure as mentioned and can be carried out with ease.

So, if you want to repair it yourself or are looking for someone to fix a cast metal piece, then you now know another efficient solution that can solve your problem. You won’t have to drag your heavy metal pieces to the workshop or a space for welding. The In-situ metal stitching procedure will take care of this problem as well.

Metal stitching though sounds a new technique, but it is old as well as trusted. All you need is some expert or professional service providers so that you can have all the advantages this technique have to offer. Fix your cast metal problem with metal stitching!!

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