What makes the ideal lead tracking software and lead tracking platform

Lead generation is what brings you all the prospects who will luckily make the transition to full bred loyal customers. SeoSamba’s lead tracking platform enables you to reconcile all your lead generation activities under a single platform. There lies no need to go to lengths; everything is at your fingertips through an integrated browser solution.

You can well imagine the benefits this solution has to offer. Rather than running helter-skelter after one program or another code or campaign; all your activities are consolidated in a single window. Diverse application, ease of use and unlimited scalability make this not only an ideal but also a viable option for your businesses.

What makes the ideal lead tracking software and lead tracking platform

Worldwide number availability

Managing your leads and their phone numbers could never have been easier. The platform allows you to edit, add or delete numbers as needed. You can use your purchased numbers to further SMSs or other notifications in batch commands. Furthermore if you have SEO Toaster then you can enjoy seamless integration with all your franchise sites allowing staff to receive notifications of any contact form activity.

Consolidated options

While primary focus is on improving standards; an approach should be balanced between a length and breadth of services and options. Often the focus is on quantity rather than quality leading to poor performance despite a view suggesting to the contrary what with the number of processes and techniques being applied. This lead tracking platform allows you to review all the phone calls made to and fro regarding your registered SEO Samba numbers. This is especially helpful to sales staff that can determine and compile further lists for prospective leads.

Open source flexibility

Given the platform’s open source infrastructure, specialist agencies can employ white labeling to customize them as per different firms’ needs. The extent to which innovation can be applied here is limited only by the company’s own needs. The general route followed by consolidated sales lead tracking software providers is to make a boxed solution which caters to the market for general use. Seo Samba, on the other hand, offers a flexible solution so you can make the most of your lead generation efforts. You can customize different view layouts, which parameters to display and tab settings and so on.


The application of lead generation is widespread. Each and every business is involved in it in one way or the other. The extent, to which benefits are being reaped, although, is highly dependent on the price to output ratio. That being said, businesses following a calculated path and streamlined processes will see great benefit as well as opportunities for further expansion. This is best done with an all in one solution so you can stay abreast of the big picture and make your critical decisions accordingly. A good lead tracking platform can be the difference between a prospect and a loyal customer given all the data it provides for side by side comparison and perusal.

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