A desk-bound lifestyle is associated 

Doubled mortality risk

According to another study, a 20-year sitting lifestyle is associated with a 2x higher risk of death than a non-sitting lifestyle.

Trine Moholdt, a Norwegian University researcher, stated that “our findings suggest that physical activity can have the greatest health benefits concerning protection against cardiovascular death and early all-cause mortality.”

This analysis was done to determine how physical activity changes over the past 22 years were related all causes and cardiovascular diseases.

All Norwegian residents over the age of 18 were invited to take part in the HUNT study, which took place between 2006-2008, 1984-1986, 1995-1997, and 1995-1997.

People were asked to rate their activity over three times.

The data from the first and third surveys were used in the study.

The analysis included 23,146 women and men. The analysis classified physical activity as inactive high, less than 2 hours per week, or 2 hours or more per week.

Data on deaths was not linked until the end of 2013, but the Cause of Death Registry activity data existed up to the end of 2013.

Each action group’s danger of death was compared with the reference group, which included those who exercised a lot through both polls.

People who were inactive between 1984-1986, 2006-2008 and 2008 had a 2x higher chance of all-cause death and 2.7x more chance of dying from heart disease than the reference group.

The risks of all-cause and cardiovascular disease were 60 percent to 90% higher for those who exercise moderately at both points than in the reference group.

Moholdt stated, “Our data show that you can compensate a previously inactive lifestyle. The sooner you get involved, the faster you’ll see positive results.”

The study was presented at ESC Congress 2019, Paris.